10 of the most disappointing movie sequels of all time

Some of the most horrible movie sequels that we wish never happened.

#1 Son of the Mask

Sequel to The Mask, Son of the Mask was a huge disappointment. The main reason was the eviction of Jim Carey and no necessary motive of the movie. 

#2 The Hangover Part 2

Compared to the first part which made us laugh like anything, the jokes in the second part were just not up to the mark. The movie even gets boring in some parts. 

#3 Dumb and Dumber To

The two super dumb friends with hearts of gold sure did return, but not with a bang. The next segment of their loserhood is quite strange and made no sense.Their ridiculous tactics aren’t so funny anymore. 

#4 Jaws 2

The first epic entertainer with sharks and humans beings attacked by sharks worked wonders. The second try was pretty much dead though. It’s the same story with much less suspense. 

#5 Speed 2 : Cruise Control

Speed was a sleeper mega-hit. It surprised everyone with its phenomenal success. On the other hand, the poor follow-up by the same director was a job badly done. 

#6 Taken 2

The first part did amaze us with the story and brilliant work done by Liam Neeson. The second part was more or less the same and was too predictable. 

#7 The Karate Kid Part II

As much as we love Mr Miyagi, we couldn’t deal with his 99 problems in the second stint. Suddenly, the man was dealing with family issues and lost loves. We were bored us to Japan and back.

#8 The Pink Panther 2

The sequel to the tummy-splitting original was just so forced. The earlier cast was also given weird roles with unnecessary twists. It was such a flop successor to a loved, popular comedy.

#9 Basic Instinct 2

Sharon Stone emerged as the sex goddess we never know, but her game becomes shamefully weak when she picks her next prey in the next movie. The thrill was totally gone and the sexiness wasn’t so appealing anymore.

#10 Dirty Dancing : Havana Nights

Dirty Dancing is such a classic that to even dream of taking it forward would be a daunting task. This feel-good tale of moving feet and raging hormones transformed into the well-known rich girl meets poor boy story, sadly, with zero imagination.

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