13 Celebrities Resembling Hand Sanitizer Bottles

While novel coronavirus continues to spread (sickening more than 24,710,100 people, according to official counts), the hand sanitizer shortages also spark widespread anxiety as well. As of Saturday morning, at least 836,400 people have died, and the virus has been detected in nearly every country, on the world’s map. 

So, in these dark times of pandemic, a few people have found humor online with hand sanitizer memes especially recently popular, a “celebs as hand sanitizer” series. Yes! Hand sanitizer shortages plague concerned customers but, looking at the brighter side we can enjoy some extra roars of laughter, right?  

Whether it’s Chris Evans, Jennifer Lopez or Harry Styles, many of them have received the hand sanitizer treatment from Twitter stan accounts. Scroll on to see some of them in our compiled list below and enjoy peeps! We bet you’ll be laughing out loud by the end! 

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