15 Hollywood Celebrities Who Don’t Mind Driving Cars That May Be Cheaper Than Yours

Have you ever wondered, what would do with millions of cash in your bank account? Some would probably take a vacation and go to Bali Island in the Maldives while others would probably go on a trip to Las Vagas. The car-enthusiast would probably spend all that money to buy vehicles that they only dreamed of.

Well, let’s get realistic. You rarely find a wealthy individual doing rounds in town with a simple car. Especially when it comes to celebrities, chances are very less. However, there are always some exceptions. There are still some superstars who do not mind driving cars that are probably cheaper than yours! Sounds quite staggering, right? Well, it is certainly true. For example, did you know that the famous Harry Potter (Danial Radcliffe) drives a very common Fiat Grande Punto? Similarly, Christan Bale, the billionaire from Batman owns a Toyota Tacoma.

In this post, we have compiled photos of 15 top celebrities from Hollywood who own a very simple car. Scroll on peeps. Don’t forget to share these photos with your friends.

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