15 Moments Where Celebrities Were Just Too Good At Trolling Themselves

Celebrities are expected to be fashion divas that set trends for others to follow, but on some occasions, they simply lose it and show up in hideous outfits. Perhaps they’re just trying to be open to experimentation or maybe they actually think they look nice in what they’re wearing, regardless of their motivation behind their choice of dress, sometimes they end up looking absolutely absurd.

Similarly, many Celebrities have some talents that go beyond their profession. Some are good at sports, cooking, or speaking different languages while a few of them are masters at trolling themselves. Although some celebrities can get a lot of hate by trollers on the internet which can be hurtful, others just prefer to make fun of themselves first.

Listed in this post are photos of hilarious moments where celebrities were just too good at their trolling game. So peeps, without further ado scroll on to see these photos yourself. We bet you’ll be laughing out loud by the end of this post. Enjoy peeps!

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