17 Spectacular Gowns From Miss Universe Contest That are National Treasures of Creativity and Beauty

Looking the most beautiful is every woman’s everlasting dream and that’s why they compete with each other to look more gorgeous than the rest. Although their beauty exists in all parts of the world but in the renowned competition of Miss Universe, it always becomes difficult for the judges to decide one lucky girl for the crown of Miss Universe. Women from all over the world come to the USA to participate in this event. A variety of gorgeous costumes and gowns are worn by Ladies, each one representing the identity and attractiveness of their own country.  

From Nobility of Miss Russia to Blue Morpho Butterfly getup of Miss Costa Rica during Miss Universe contest, we have created a gallery of 17 gowns that are not only spectacular but have the creativity to combine modern cultures with traditions of today, in a magical combination that is proved to be the National treasures of creativity and beauty. We bet the results are a feast for the eyes of the viewers. Scroll on folks and enjoy!

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