20+ Most Expensive Celebrity Valentines Day Gifts

When you’re in love, you will stop at nothing to make your loved ones happy. The same is true for our celebrities as well.

When they’re in love, they will do whatever it takes to make their beloved happy. This is why they often get insanely expensive and extravagant gifts on Valentine ’s Day for their better half.

Listed up in this post are some of the most expensive gifts given by celebrities to their partners. Scroll on peeps and comment on your favorite gift. If you had enough money, would you do the same for your bae?

#1 Tom Cruise’s gift to Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise reportedly in 2005 bought Gulf Stream jet for Katie Holmes as a present for around USD$20 million . This gift was named as one of the most expensive gifts given by a celebrity to a loved one.

However, they did not go well and finally got divorce in 2012.

#2 Katy Perry’s gift to Russell Brand

Despite their marriage not lasting along time, But these two pairs managed to give some mouth watering presents to each other. Katy Perry surprised Russell Brand with a Bentley Brooklands car and it costed her more than $341,000.

#7 Jay-Z’s gift to Beyoncé

Yet again this beautiful couple. Jay-Z gifted his gorgeous wife with a $2,390 gold and silver Tacori Promise bracelet as an early V-Day gift.

#8 Reggie Bush’s gift to Kim Kardashian

Reggie Bush an ex boyfriend of Kim believed that money was the way into Kim's heart. On the 14th February, he presented her with a stack of money she was back then spotted flicking through hundreds of $100 bills.

#10 Aamir Khan’s gift to Kiran Rao

Aamir Khan gifted his wife Kiran Rao, a holiday home at Beverly Hills, US. The luxurious pad has reportedly drilled a huge hole in the actor's wallet and has costed him around ₹ 75 crore(In Indian rupees).

#12 Jordan Bratman’s gift to Christina Aguilera

Jordan Bratman a music executive proposed to his then girlfriend Christina Aguilera on Valentine's Day in 2005. He gave her a 5 carat diamond and platinum engagement ring, which is estimated to have cost him $78,500.

#17 Kanye West’s gift to Kim Kardashian

So, in 2013, He gave Kim a Panthere De Cartier bracelet worth an outstanding $73,000! The gorgeous piece of jewelry featured a set of sparkling diamonds, a wonderful green emerald, and a dazzling white gold.

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