22 Celebrities Who Appeared in Public With Their Moms (Do Not Our Bonus at the End)

Inspiration can come from anywhere – sometimes from people. That’s why celebrities are often seen as the epitome of courage and inspiration. They inspire us in so many ways to love, care, and be a good person around our parents and family. Yes, being famous may seem easy, but many celebrities face a lot of criticism for their action. Some of them care about peer pressure while others don’t! The latter category of our A-lister celebs don’t prefer to appear in public with their partners, they dedicate important nights out to their parents, which is quite inspiring, don’t you think?

From Keanu Reeves, who brought his mother to the 92nd Oscar ceremony as his date to Katie Holmes and her mother Kathleen Strothers at the American Ballet Theater, we have curated a list of all! Scroll to see for yourself and enjoy peeps! We bet you’ll want to rush and hug your parents by the end of this post.

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