25 Celebrity Couples Who've Managed to Stay Good Friends After Their Breakup

Sometimes preserving a good relationship with your ex-wife, girlfriend or soulmate turns out to be quite a hard task. The issue duplicates and persists itself when you become a celebrity and your whole life becomes a symbol of the spotlight to the audience all over the world. Like, many of us know that Jennifer Lopez had 3 marriages and out of them, her marriage with Marc Anthony lasted the longest. As per their bibliographical data, that marriage lasted for at least 10 years.

Even though many Hollywood couples fail to spend even 1 year together, there are still the ones who’ve managed to turn their ex-love relationship into a friendship for the rest of their lives. Surprised much? Well, don’t be! In this post, we have gathered 20 images of the world’s most famous celebrities who preserved a tremendous bond of friendship even after a breakup. Scroll on peeps and enjoy! Let us know if you would be able to stay friends with your ex’s or not!

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