25 Hollywood's Famous Beauties Who Used to be Ugly Ducklings

Frankly, all of us go through an ugly duckling phase. Mostly it’s when we hit puberty. Mustaches start to grow on baby-smooth chins, and acne becomes your very personal face napalm. This experience can be different for everyone, but there is surely no denial. Even the celebrities are not exempted, folks!

It’s easy to get bogged down when you look at the Hollywood Gods and Goddesses and feel ugly compared to their perfection. But don’t forget that these celebs are also humans. Believe it or not, they too have gone through their own “ugly duckling” phase. So, listed below are photos of 25 Hollywood superstars that were once ugly ducklings and have now become a center of affection and attraction for the whole world. Scroll on peeps. Don’t forget to comment on your favorite.

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