25 People Sharing Photos Of Celebrities with Their Look-Alike Car

Is there a secret celebrity cloning facility out there somewhere? Well, we bet there is! However, people on the internet recently witnessed something really weird. They have found some uncanny resemblance between cars and celebrities! As bizarre as it sounds, there are some cars out there that look just like some of our beloved stars. And now, people are starting to notice this quite well. 

Wittozern (a twitter user) have started up a viral thread by comparing a picture of a Volvo to American actor Nick Kroll, which eventually inspired others to find cars that look like celebs, including an automobile that has the same energy as Nicholas Cage, the 2003 Dodge Durango that looks like Vince Vaughn, and others. 

Wittozern’s thread unexpectedly became popular and got over 287.5k likes and over 33.1k retweets and comments. Which just show that you can never know what’s going to go viral on the internet Scroll on to see some of the best ones in the list below and enjoy peeps! 

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