25 Times When Celeb’s Wax Figures Gone Wrong

We all love our beloved celebrities and if it so happens that we meet them, we love to take their autographs or have a selfie with them. Celebrities can’t be everywhere at the same time obviously, so in honor of their achievements, people also make their wax figures. While some of these statues are awesome, there’s no denying that some of the finished products look less like the celebrity and would be better suited for a circus sideshow! And we bet they can make you laugh out loud.

To prove you this point, we have curated a list of 25 photos that have got most absurd celebrities wax figures that ever existed. These ridiculous yet hilarious statues are nowhere near the real stars; rather they could be taken as an insult to them. Now stop reading, scroll down and check them out for yourself. Enjoy peeps!

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