30 Amazing Views That Can Only be Seen By Birds, Satellites and Drones

Many of us have dreamt of flying at least once in our lives for various reasons. For some, flying is a great way to get to their school or job faster, and for others, it’s a way to enjoy a beautiful view from a distance. A Griffon vulture can fly as high as 37,000 ft. Now imagine looking at the world from that kind of height.

From tall mountains to huge forests to waterfalls and beguiling meadows, our Earth is full of breathtaking natural wonders and without any doubt, nature looks more beautiful from heights as compared to grounds.

Geologists fly drones and also take thousands of pictures of earth from satellites daily for climate monitoring and research purposes but some views taken from satellites are extraordinary and tremendous in terms of beauty.

We all have a dream of flying too, that’s why we’ve put together 30 amazing views that can only be seen by birds, drones, and satellites from the top. Enjoy and don’t forget to share peeps!

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