30 Awkward Yet Funny Book Fails

Books are our best friends, or at least this is what book worms are programmed to believe. And we have to agree with this fact that Book title plays a vital role in its interest.

While most of us enjoy books by learning about new things and exploring new and mysterious fictitious lands, others find pleasure in books in very unorthodox and innovative ways. Many readers and their creative minds have used hilarious book titles to create some serious and funny illustrations. However, often they failed miserably.

So, if you are a book reader and looking for some humor on the internet, you are definitely in the right place. Listed in this post is a collection of 30 awkward yet funny book fails that will drive you insane. From funny Buddhism to Elmo world, you will laugh out loud after going through the pictures we have compiled for you. Scroll down and enjoy peeps!

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