30 Brutal Yet Funny Valentine's Day Fails That Will Make You Glad If You’re Single

Being single on Valentine’s Day can seem really depressing especially when everywhere you go, there are reminders that everyone but you are loved and wanted. And since all the happy couples you know could be sharing cute photos and lovey-dovey status updates all-day, you could easily become the victim of jealousy and frustration. But, don’t fret it, people! By the end of our post, we bet you’ll be glad that you are single on this occasion *wink*.

There are people who put a lot of thought into finding the right Valentine’s gift or planning the perfect date to surprise their significant other with a memorable night. Of course, businesses ramp up marketing and advertisements during the holidays in order to capitalize on revenue. But despite the efforts of individuals and the businesses marketing to them, not every Valentine’s idea is a win. That’s why some Valentine’s Day fails can make you go ROFL like no other. Scroll on to see 30 brutal yet funny Valentine’s Day fails that we have curated below and enjoy peeps!

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