30 Celebrities Graduation Photos

Imagine the time when tasseled caps go flying and everyone lauds their achievements with an endless circuit of parties! Yup, people! Graduation is the most memorable time, don’t you think?  It is a stepping stone into a whole new world. Some people laugh and share the joy, others cry over the end of so many amazing years. But one thing that is constant for all the graduates is a memorable picture in their graduation gown. It is the picture that will hang in their homes, one that they will come back to for many generations. Most people aim to make this moment perfect and our favorite Hollywood celebrities are no exception either. These scholarly stars donned their robes and marched toward the podium to get that hard-earned piece of paper. And as always they all look fabulous in their graduation gowns as well!

Scroll on to see our curated list of 30 celebrity photos that you’ll instantly fall in love with! Check them out for yourself and enjoy peeps!

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