30 Epic Examples of Food Art Nightmares and Fails

When it comes to food, there are people in this world who are obsessed with eating stuff but when we talk about food art, there are few in millions who possess this skill of creativity. Dutch golden age is the best example for us where glorious food art was followed by decorating the food using feathered coats of duck carcasses on shiny silver platters to the dewy skin of fruit and berries, carefully rendered to create the illusion that the feast is present right in front of the viewer. We’ve also seen a lot of food artists proving this point in practical life, by transforming the most commonly used food items from everyday life to something really special. But there are the ones who fail deliberately by destroying the food in a miserable manner that only serves the purpose of spreading a few laughs.

Listed in this post are 30 most epic examples of Food Art fail that will give you nightmares if you are a food art lover. Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

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