30 Famous Celebs Who Dropped Out of High School

There’s a saying, “it’s never too late to start a new life”. When we see around ourselves we see a lot of high school fellows who are now caught up in serious depression problems because they dropped out. However, success doesn’t depend on your high school certificate, rather it depends on the passion and efforts you are willing to put in your life.

Guess what, folks? Some of your favorite celebrities are super successful in their careers but they dropped out of school once. You don’t believe, right eh? Well, scroll on and we bet you will!

We have compiled photos of 30 celebrities who are high school dropouts. From Johnny Depp and Rihanna to the stunning Simon Cowell – this list can be quite inspiring for everyone! Keep scrolling peeps. If you have got any friends who’re struggling in their studies then share these photos with them, maybe their artistic skills are also waiting to beat the trend as well.

#4 Katty Perry

Age: 34

Katty went to Santa Barbara Don Pueblos in her hometown. She dropped out at the age of 15 to follow her career in music. Her high ambitions made achieve her dream and make the star that she is today.

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