30 Hilarious and Weird Protest Signs From Different Protests Around the World

Nowadays, protesting on roads has become a popular trend in many parts of the world especially in those areas where the government is unable to control inflation, corruption, and other criminal activities. However, sometimes people take advantage of the term called “Freedom of speech” and put banners or slogans in the hand which totally contradicts the ethics of protesting. And on top of everything, people storm social media via the internet and make some funny and hilarious memes about it especially when people protesting with signboards, don’t even know what they are carrying. Consequently, viewers start laughing instead of thinking about the cause of the protest and in most cases, it is due to politics for sure.

In this post, we have collected 30 most hilarious and weird protest signs from different protests around the world. We bet that after watching these, you are definitely going to share some of your favorite pictures with all the politics lovers in your hood. Scroll on peeps and enjoy

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