30 Hilarious Design Fails That Will Give You a Good Laugh in this Time of Distress

We can’t be Leonardo Da Vinci when it comes to design. Every now and then we come across some epic design fails, which are so silly that we cannot resist laughing at them. You can easily spot design fails anywhere, sometimes in the form of hilarious statues, banners with wrong messages or sometimes on Product packings or billboards. But every time we look at them, it makes us wonder about the genius masterminds behind these masterpieces. So people, if you are looking for some humor at this time of distress, you are definitely at the right place:

We agree that you have seen examples of lousy design fails. But were those products as creative as the ones in this collection? You be the judge and decide! Listed in this post are 30 unusual design disasters that are going to make you burst into laughter.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

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