30 Hilarious Pictures that Accurately Illustrate Gulliver’s Travels

As kids, we loved to hear the stories of giants from the past, didn’t we? Rumors were that Earth was populated by giants but with time their sizes started to reduce. Today an average size of a human being ranges from 159.5cm in the case of women and 171cm in the case of men. However, among all giant stores, everyone loved Jonathan Swift’s novel commonly known as “Gulliver Travels”. It had no match for all the other stories. This novel was a part of English literature from Grade II to Grade V classes based on the academic curriculum in many parts of the world and children gave special attention when something unusual happened in the story.

To commemorate our memories of “Gulliver Travels” we have curated a collection of 30 Hilarious pictures that are captured accurately to illustrate the epic scenes of Swift’s amazing novel. Scroll on peeps and enjoy! If you’ve some friends who loved Gulliver’s stories as well then share this post with them, they’ll surely love it a lot!

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