30 Hilariously Awesome Face Masks Made By People With Good Sense of Humour

Nowadays, a face mask is one of the most widely used personal protection equipment in the world especially due to the Covid-19 pandemic. You will see many folks on the internet covering their faces and taking their selfies with various kinds of face masks. From simple surgical masks and protection masks to DIY solutions, it seems that nearly everyone has at least one mask to protect them from the coronavirus AKA Covid-19 when they go outside. However, some people are facing this crisis in style and have designed incredibly creative and unique face masks. These people are also going for pop culture references with their own masks.

Listed in this post is a collection of some of the most awesome as well as hilarious face masks that people are wearing or made with their own creative hands.  Scroll to see yourself and get a few ideas out of your favorites. Who knows maybe you’ll make one too in the coming days *wink*. Enjoy and share peeps!

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