30 Kids Who Deserves a Medal for Thinking Outside the Box for Their Test Answers

Taking an important test at school is one of the most terrible nightmares of almost every student. There are some questions that are quite tricky in nature, and often they become a challenge for the kids! As a result of which the answers they write are too much hilarious and leave the teachers in shock.

 Obviously, this doesn’t happen without the creativity of mind because a tricky question has many possible answers, and a kid with a genius mind will think out of the box even if he has prepared well for the test. No matter which school you pick, you will definitely find such examples, especially in primary and junior sections. And many great teachers like these attempts and give appreciation to the students for their efforts by making them famous all over the internet *wink*.

Listed in this article are 30 images of test answers solved by the kids who deserve a Gold medal for thinking out of the box. Scroll on peeps to see them yourself and enjoy!

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