30 Most Crappy Kitchen Design Encounters

Some things are so stupid, weird, and ridiculous that upon seeing them WTF automatically pops out from our mouth. It is a natural response of our brain to absurdity. However, some poor souls do not possess this natural ability. Today’s post is about such bizarre kitchen designs that we came across on the internet.

For example Stove, fridge, kettle, dishwasher –are considered as the basic necessities of a kitchen. If you know them all, congratulations – you’ve got the basic concept of what a kitchen is supposed to look like. What if someone had a toilet installed beside a stove or a or crappy fungal floor design? This would definitely make you laugh because it is not supposed to be there.

From hilarious layouts to bizarre furniture, check out the hilariously terrible kitchen designs, keep on scrolling to see our compiled list of 30 most crappy kitchen designs that will definitely make you feel insane. You will wonder how this design got approved in the first place.

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