30 Most Realistic Cakes By The King of Cakes Ben Cullen

Baking a cake is an art in itself. Those who’re good at baking and shaping cakes can make a cake look like almost anything. That’s why there are many cake artists out there whose dedication to their craft has created many incredible and magical treats and the baker King Ben Cullen is certainly one of them.

The 26-year-old Ben, otherwise known as the Bakeking is a multi-award winning cake artist. After winning Gold awards at Cake International in 2015 and 2016 his popularity has grown quickly as he adds personality to his amazing designs which give his cakes that extra character. He started as a tattoo artist before going into graphic design – something he had studied at Chester University. It wasn’t until he created a cake for his dad’s birthday that he realized baking would be another creative route to explore.

So, keep scrolling our list to see Ben’s amazing work that we have curated below and enjoy peeps. We bet you won’t believe that these photos are not of random items and they are in fact some fantastic cakes!

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