30 of the Most Hilarious Quarantine Beauty Fail

Yes! Lockdown fails are real! It seems like the corona pandemic has been going on for so long that we already forgot what it was like to go on picnics, enjoy a spa, have a haircut from a hairdresser or pamper ourselves at the beautician, don’t you agree? Well, some mastermind souls (not like us, of course, *wink) thought of what to do when they still wanted their beauty procedures but all of the salons were closed! So, they had the idea of doing it themselves! Everything would have gone perfectly but there was just one catch – the people performing those procedures are always professionals and they know how to do their job. So these people, unfortunately, ended up on our list at the end of the day to make you laugh out loud.

Start your laugh meters and scroll on to see our curated list of most hilarious quarantine beauty fails that will make you go ROFL. Enjoy peeps!

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