30 People Sharing All Sorts of Bizarre Design Choices They’ve Spotted in Restaurants and Bars

Did you know that food preparation and service is the second most common occupation in the United States while waiting tables is the eighth most common? More than 12 million Americans are working at over 600,000 food service and drinking establishments nationwide. That’s why we know for a fact that restaurants and bars need to think creatively to stand out among all the rest. Some cool looking menu’s and funky wall decorations can really liven up the environment. However, sometimes in pursuit of being different, the business owners like to go a little overboard. Well, why shouldn’t they, right? At least they become another reason for us to laugh out loud *wink*.

People online are sharing all sorts of bizarre design choices they’ve spotted in restaurants and bars, and they range from inappropriate to absolutely hilarious.  So, we have curated some of the best ones on our list to make you go ROFL. Scroll on and enjoy peeps! Don’t forget to share with your family dining buddy as well!

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