30 People Who Are Big Magnets For Bad Luck

It is an undeniable fact that each one of us has always experienced really bad days in our lives and at that instant, we lose all hope and think that all misfortunes have gathered against us. This usually happens when we are involved in such activities where accidents are likely to occur and sometimes they are beyond our control.

Sometimes you may ask yourself “Am I becoming a real misfortune magnet?” Well, don’t fret it, folks! You are surely not alone. For example, there are the individuals who are entitled to be a little frustrated when their 3 Million USD car didn’t last a day because they forgot to put it in parking gear and also forgot to use handbrakes and ended up crashing their car in a pool. this even sounds frustrating, right?
So, we have compiled such cringe-worthy anecdotes in this post to entertain you in the current pandemic.

Scroll on and check out our curated list of 30 best images that would cheer up anyone having a bad day out there. Enjoy Folks!

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