30 Photos of Celebrities Before and During the Quarantine

Did you know that less than 1% of population, aka the rich and famous, are known for their killer looks and to-die-for style? And yes! Our superstars are surely one of them.  However, with coronavirus outbreak spreading, the lockdown is bringing the stars back down to Earth just like Us. Some celebrities aren’t afraid of sharing their quarantine selfies and the pictures will make you realize they’re also human just like the rest of Us. Though these a-listers are falling like a proper metroids, they still serve as a great inspiration in these dark and depressing times. So the next time you start worrying that the lockdown made you let yourself go a little, remember that celebrities are also rocking sweat pants all day, sporting messy hairstyles and going makeup-less just like you.

Scroll on to see our complied list of 30 photos of celebrities before and during the quarantine. We bet you’ll enjoy a lot! 

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