30 The Most Terrible Designs People Came Across During the Pandemic, And They Will Crack You Up

People are in self-isolation and are practicing social distancing at the moment. While for some, work from home is a dream-come-true and for others, it is their worst nightmare coming to life especially people who work in the design department. You wanna know why? Well, friends! Designers surely need inspirations from the rest of the world and right now the coronavirus has brought a new source of inspiration, a freshly ground idea, and some amazing thought for all the great minds out there wink. These designers have paved the way for the second wave of crappy designs due to the long last pandemic that has taken the whole world under dark shadows. And this time, as you can guess, it’s all things corona that will make you laugh out loud.

From nonsensical posters showing people holding hands to fight the pandemic, to very questionable virus infographics, our list has got it all. Scroll on to see them yourself and enjoy peeps!

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