30 Times Celebs Spotted At the Airport Wearing Most Bizarre Outfits

People usually like to be dressed comfortably while traveling places. However apparently, this is not the case for everyone. Between the high heels, the revealing dresses, and the nightwear, these celebs clearly need some tips on what to wear and what not to wear while flying. It has been observed that some of our superstars are totally lost in dress selection while going to the airport.

Listed below are 30 photos of celebrities who were spotted at the airport in most bizarre and weird outfits. These stars surely need to consult a sane fashion expert for some useful tips. Scroll on peeps. Share these photos with your friends as well. 

#4 Lady Gaga, 2014

Out of all the organs in her body, she chose her nose to wear the over prominent accessory.

#19 Kim Kardashian, 2016

Kim is giving the idea that no matter how oversized your clothes are, you can always make things better by wearing a belt up top

#20 Margot Robbie

You don't have to dress up especially for your airport trips. Margot looks comfortable in her black Denim and T-shirt.

#21 Bella Hadid

Bella's white jumper is nicely complementing her black clothing at her latest airport look

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