30 Times Quarantined People Shared Their Failed Baking Attempts and It's Hilarious

‘Self Isolation’ is one of the most common terminologies used by people either affected or not affected by a coronavirus. Many companies have started working through online servers while others have created Quarantine centers for the screening of corona patients. On average there is a 15 day stay in quarantine center if you are subject to suspicion of coronavirus. The whole world has been affected by coronavirus within 3 months and it has affected 13 million people around the globe. It’s scary, right?

Many people are furious about this outbreak, taking all precautionary measures for themselves. However, during this self-isolation process, a few Quarantined people instead of doing nothing, started new hobbies like cooking delicious food or doing the baking. Some have become a master chief indeed while others failed miserably and shared the results with the whole world to make them laugh a little in these desperate times.

So start your laugh meter and scroll on to see our list of 30 memes related to baking failures during quarantine at home which will make you laugh out loud. Enjoy peeps!

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