30 Times Twitter Users Shared The Worst Design and Architecture Pictures

Antoni Gaudi or an Art Vandalay are some great inspirations when someone simply say, “architecture” – However, not everyone can reach their level of elegant design and historical context. Some people make most out of the spaces they are given while others do make silly architectural design mistakes. Their architectural designs don’t always go exactly according to plan. For the latter category of people, the tweet thread started by YouTuber Sarah Schauer is something anyone can relate to.

Sarah recently decided to ask people to send her their worst crappy design/architecture photos that they have. And as a result, numerous people came together to point out some of the most hilarious architectural failures in their neighborhoods.  From oddly placed toilets to slides that lead to certain death, our curated list below has got it all. They are the worst architectural designs you’ll ever see. Scroll on and enjoy peeps! We bet you’ll be astounded by the end of this post!

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