30 Times When Celebrities Caught Fangirling Over Other Celebrities

Mere mortals aren’t the only ones to lose their composure around Hollywood superstars — other celebrities do too! Apparently, even Hollywood A-listers can get star struck when they meet their favorites out of the blue. Don’t believe us? Well, keep scrolling and you will!

While the term “fangirling” is relatively new, we believe there’s no better or more uniquely satisfying manifestation of the whole “Celebrities: They’re Just Like Us!” shtick than when one famous person freaks out about meeting another.  Everyone from Rihanna to Taylor Swift to Mark Ruffalo to the cast of Game of Thrones to yes, even Oprah herself, listed below 30 celebrities have been caught, on camera and social media, losing their marbles over seeing their own favorite celebs.  These photos prove that even a Hollywood A-lister can get burst into tears or take a secret star struck selfie when they bump into one of their fave celebs. Scroll on to see yourself and enjoy peeps!

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