30 Times When Halloween Decorations Gone Hilariously Wrong

Halloween is probably the most beautiful time of the year – the time when ghosts and goblins run freely, and free candy is given to everyone! It’s also the perfect time to take a look around your neighborhood and get along with them more. It’s been a longstanding American tradition to make your house look as spooky as it possibly can by adding cobwebs, headstones, and blood-splattered walls to your home. People really shine when it’s time to creep everyone out, however, considering the number of Halloween fails every year, it looks like some people just don’t get it.

In this post, we’ve compiled 30 photos when Halloween decorations went seriously wrong. Bad Halloween decorations are like fun-size candy bars, they’re not what you want, but at least you got something and you can always make fun of them. Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

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