30 Unnecessary and Dumb Warning Signs and Labels

We know that necessary information is always depicted in the form of signs, symbols or warnings. There are mainly three types of signs, first ones are at rectangular boards, second ones are at round boards and the last ones are at triangular boards. They’re supposed to make things easier and clearer for you by giving you clarity of rules, speed limits, and directions. However, sometimes you’ll come across signs that give you nothing but lots of confusion and laughs as well. Such signs are either a useless practical joke, or they’re the result of a careless painting by dumb workers. For instance, “Feeding Pigeons and lose your finger” doesn’t make much sense but this reality actually exists. Whether we like them or not, we can’t deny their worth and importance in our lives because they can at least give us a good laugh *wink*.

Listed in this post are 20 photos of absolutely obvious signs that make no sense. Scroll on and enjoy peeps! Don’t forget to share!

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