30 Wholesome Stories Proving Not Everything and Everyone Is So Bad During The Coronavirus Panic

Someone out there once said, “No matter what happens in life, be good to people”. In today’s era of the modern world, many people just care about themselves, which is quite a harsh reality to accept. However, COVID-19 or the Corona Virus has given us solid proof that some good still exists!

The virus has spread in 167 countries of the world, and thousands have died while millions are exposed to threats. Scientists and microbiologists from all over the globe are striving hard to control this spread of the virus within their countries. On one side people are avoiding social meetups, gathering and also preserving food for their houses, while on the other hand there are people, who deserve to be called the generous ones or the real heroes. They are playing their role in helping the people of this world in the hour of dire need.

Listed in this post are 30 wholesome stories proving not everything is so bad during coronavirus outbreak. Scroll on peeps to see for yourself!

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