30 Worst Subway Passengers Who Acted Like Complete Jerks

They say if you want to judge someone, travel with them for at least two days. The same is true when you travel via subway! However, you can judge the individuals within a few minutes there. Your journey in the subway can be full of fun, thrill, and adventure because a vast majority of people travel in the subway along with their loved ones. And that’s why you get to see all kinds of people who make you laugh out loud due to their sheer lack of common sense. Sometimes we also get to see some miserable conditions during our journey. Some people act like real jerks! They lay down on the floor or throw their garbage before leaving. You” also witness a few who bring buckets full of water inside the subway to create chaos among the passengers.

Listed in this article is a collection of 30 worst subway passengers who acted like complete jerks, scroll down peeps! Enjoy and think did you saw the same scenario during your subway journey?

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