35 Outrageous Transformation of Celebrities After Putting on Movie Makeup

We all know that Hollywood carefully guards its vanity magic tricks. Yet, it’s still surprising to discover how successful film has been at influencing our expectations for the people we interact with daily. In particular, films are known to use graphics for achieving different super powers in celebrities. But in reality, makeup is undoubtedly the entertainment industry’s latest glamour miracle for almost everything.

The performance of celebrities with better makeup can change the overall scene and scenario because it’s an enhancing tool or an opportunity for creative expression. So, that’s why the Hollywood industry hires a team of skilled makeup artists to ensure the unique and flawless looks of our celebs. They use their magical strokes in all the stages of production to slim, de-age and enhance actors’ faces and bodies. And the outrageous transformations are so shocking that you won’t believe your own eyes after seeing surprising photos of celebrities before and after applying movie makeup in our curated list below. Take a look and enjoy peeps!

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