9 Year Old Recreates Celebrity Outfits in Hilariously Outstanding Fashion

Mocking celebrity dresses and photos are the newest trend. Cosplay artists are constantly making fun of them by recreating celebrity photos. However, making a decent cosplay can hit the wallet hard, as it’s quite expensive. Makeup, wigs, costumes, and extras are not free of cost obviously! However, once, when you’re feeling the need of some genuinely necessary DIY outfit augmentations, yet would prefer not to spend a fortune on them, you simply need to think outside the box.

A 9-year-old Australian girl Riley has been recreating absurd celebrity outfits using common household items, and she has already mastered it. The young Instagram sensation with 140k subscribers is known for recreating celebrity outfits in hilarious ways.

We’ve listed here 30+ photos showing some of her most awesome work. Scroll on and enjoy peeps. To check out more of her work, visit :rileydiary

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