Awkward Celebrity-Fan Meet and Greets – 30 Photos

Celebrities would not be famous if it weren’t for the fans out there, don’t you agree? And that’s why fans do anything and endure everything just to meet their celebrity idols. They pay an exorbitant amount of cash just for a picture and the chance to spend 30 seconds awkwardly saying, “I really love your work!” We’d think that getting a selfie to slap on Instagram must be the dream of every die-hard fan, right? Er, not always! Because celebrity meet-and-greets can be a little awkward sometimes. 

Whether it’s implementing strange rules about personal space or violating the concept entirely, there are some celebs who are just not better equipped at dealing with meet-and-greets. Check out the following photos of fan meet and greet, where fans met their favorite celebs only to have the awkwardness of their encounter captured on the internet forever. Scroll on peeps and enjoy! We bet some photos will literally make you go ROFL!

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