Busted! 30 Celebrities Walk of Shame Photos

The world of stardom always piques our interest. We are often curious to know which celeb is going out with whom and who’s hooking up in secret that we didn’t know about. In general, most celebrities are aware that the paparazzi and fans will be super into any supposed relationship they have, so they try to keep things on the down low. Still, the ever-prying paparazzi often catch them in scandalous rendezvous and secret sleepovers.

The celeb’s walk of shame is a total nightmare that is dealt with differently by different celebrities. Some hide behind anything they can find and look for places where they can find something decent to wear. Others wear what they have and flaunt it with a smile.

Scroll on to see our compiled list of 30 celebrities walk of shame photos and enjoy peeps!

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