Celebs Got Pulled Over (25 Photos)

The life of celebrities sounds amazing. You’re always going to A-list parties, drive fast cars, red carpets all the time, how glamorous, right? Well, it’s not always like that. Everything has its consequences, and being a celebrity means that you are almost always in the public spotlight, especially when it comes to authoritative figures such as the police.

When a police officer pulls over a star, they can be anything from angry to star-struck. They celebrities reaction is equally amusing when they are forced to deal with the police. Some try to use their celebrity status while others make it known they are less than impressed. In this post, we’ve listed 30 candid photos of our superstars getting pulled over. These photos prove that whether you’re famous or not, you WILL get a ticket! Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

h/t: (thethings )

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