Comparison of Celebs Recent Appearances On the Red Carpet With Their First Time

Walking down the red carpet for the celebrities of our compilation is a normal thing now. Many of us know that celebrities approach the red carpet fully loaded with butt pads, bra pads, body makeup, and loads of other stuff that is needed to give them the figure that they’re looking for. You can look like them too if you know the secret hacks that they use to give their looks a boost.

 But everything has its first time and a while back, when these celebrities were on their way to becoming famous, they were feeling different when posing for photographers in this iconic place.

We can hardly believe that today’s famous celebrities looked the way we are going to show them in this post. Comparing their recent appearances on the red carpet, with their first time, will show you why we are so surprised. So, scroll on to see them yourself and enjoy peeps! Share this post with all showbiz lovers in your social circle.

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