Distinctive Married Couples Pose For The Social Project “Dressed In Love”

For generations, we’ve been told to get a job, find love, get married, have kids, and retire but, millennials think otherwise. They catch a lot of heat for delaying or straight-up never reaching life milestones such as marriage, home-buying, and baby-making. However, a Russian company “Ring Studio” that creates wedding rings decided to change the mindset of these people through a social project called “Dressed in Love.”

In the project, they made couples celebrate their marriages, to show that marriage is not that bad and it certainly doesn’t destroy individuality as many believe but strengthens it. They said, “We love to say that our wedding rings are meaningful. Sometimes we evoke pleasant associations in people with our rings, but only their owners can give the jewelry real meaning.” 15 couples from 10 different countries participated in this project. All the couples were from diverse backgrounds, religious beliefs, and ethnicities. And the resulting images of this project leave love in the air like no other. Scroll on to see some of them yourself and enjoy peeps!

More info: ringstudio.ru | Instagram | Instagram

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