Funny Perfectly Timed Celebrity Photos

You know, Friends! Sometimes “who, what, and how” is surpassed by “when.” And that’s why we have often heard, “timing is everything.” It’s a reality of life, even if a rather cruel one or in case of our post a rather funny one!

Everyone loves a fair share of perfectly timed photos because there is something about these photos that make us realize the power of a split second. But, this time we have compiled a list of funny perfectly timed celebrity photos that made the whole internet go ROFL.

From funny accidental falls to hilarious expressions and occurrences, listed up in this post are some of your favorite celebs that were unfortunate enough to end up in our post. We bet you’ll be laughing out loud by the end of this list. So, start your laugh meters and scroll through the images below. Don’t forget to share your favorite photos with your friends too. Enjoy peeps!

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