Funny Walmart Worker Posts Photos Of Herself Posing With Products and It's Hilarious

Walmart is an outstanding place without any doubt and you know why? It’s because their employees are just awesome or at least Charlene Mull sure is! She is a friggin’ gleeful human being who has fans from all over the country because of her signature deadpan expression that’s often featured on her store’s Facebook page.

She works at Walmart North East in Maryland, the town of 3,500 people is located about 50 miles northeast of Baltimore. She poses with various products for the store’s Facebook page and people just love how hilarious the pics look.  Though with her easygoing attitude and her serious expression you won’t see her actual smile, the look in her eyes says it all!

Listed in this post are some of Charlene’s funny photos in which you can find her napping in baby cribs, working out and chilling on top of bird feed bags. Scroll on and enjoy peeps! Don’t forget to share your favorite ones with your friends!

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