" Here are More Hilariously Awful Masterpieces of Celebrity Portraits By Tw1tter Picasso That Will Make You Go ROLF"

If you are a die-hard fan of some famous celebrities like Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence or Leonardo DiCaprio, then folks!  Beware before proceeding any further because these celebrity portraits might make you mad.

An Italy based artist Matteo Carta creates hilariously awful masterpieces of celebrity portraits that get fairly decent attention on the internet. During his work hours, he’s a wedding photographer but in his free time, he’s an aspiring celebrity portrait artist. Though his work  is not highly-detailed or super-realistic ‘works of art’ that everyone drools over but he is still much known as “Tw1tter Picasso” on social media because of his amazing sense of humor which he add in every celeb portrait. And that’s why his fans love him. So, despite the terrible quality of the ‘artworks’, you can still see that the drawings express part of the essence of well-known celebrities’ features. The hilarious artist has almost 10.9k followers for his funny tweets. Scroll on to see his amazing collection in our compiled list below and enjoy peeps!

More info: Instagram | twitter.com

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