Jennifer Anistons Photoshoot On Her 51st Birthday is Going Viral

Aging is a tough reality that all of us have to face. There are some who fight it with endless anti-wrinkle creams and gallons of water hoping somehow to flood out the effects of aging while there are others who defy all the odds of aging with quite a style like Jennifer Aniston.

Even though the subtle signs of aging sneak in like an unwanted guest, Jennifer remains a cyborg. In her recently released photo shoot for Interview Magazine, the Friends co-star celebrated her 51st birthday and doesn’t appear a day older than her bubbly alter self, Rachel Green. While showing off her toned legs, the star proves age is nothing but a number. She posed in a cut-out black dress bearing her midriff, sweeping her hair back with her hands. And that’s why social media users couldn’t contain their excitement as her sexy photo shoot went viral.

Scroll on to see some of our favorite sizzling photos of Aniston’s photo shoot and see for yourself what’s all the hype about!

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