Miley Cyrus Has The Boldest Fashion Choice, 30 Photos That Will Prove It

Miley Cyrus has grown up right before our eyes. The 26-years old sensation is a darling to a lot of people.

However, our stunning Miley is often criticized due to her controversial fashion sense. She probably has the boldest fashion choice as compared to all other artists.

To prove our point, we’ve compiled a list of 30 photos of Miley Cyrus in her boldest outfits. Scroll down and take a look at some of the hottest looks of our gorgeous superstar. Share these photos with your friends as well.


When She Wore This Atelier Versace Look to the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards


That Time Miley Wore a Barely-There Bralette


When She Wore a Plastic, Dot-Covered Ensemble


That Time She Remembered Her Underwear, but Nothing Else — and It Was Flesh-Colored.


When She Rocked a Bandana As a Top


When She Almost Freed The Nipple On Instagram


That time she wore a see-through net skirt set but no shirt.


That time she went completely topless and sported her underwear for everyone to see.


When she added a wig but might as well have gone without a top.


When she added a wig and tons of makeup — but still no shirt. In Miami in 2014.


When she covered up on the bottom, but barely had anything on up top For the VMAs red carpet in 2013.


That time she remembered her jacket, but not her shirt. At a Myspace event in 2013.


When she showed her team pride and her distaste for real pants. In LA in 2013.


She put on her underwear, but not her outer layers. At a party in 2014.


That time she very deliberately left her bra at home. In Tom Ford at the amfAR LA Inspiration Gala in 2014.


When she remembers her belt, but not her bottoms. At the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2013.


That time she wore boots instead of actual pants. For the Good Morning America taping in 2013.


When she casually forgot her bra. Hanging out in 2014.


And not so casually forgot her bra. At a record-release signing in 2013.


When she suited up but left her shirt at home. On the red carpet at the 2013 American Music Awards.


When she remembered her pants and bra — but not her top. At the MTV Video Music Awards in 2014.


That time she was outfitted with fur sleeves and pasties — but not much more. At the IHeartRadio Music Festival in 2013.


When she showed us all that she had her bra on but didn't care so much about the top. At the 2013 Teen Choice Awards.


When her helmet was bigger than her top. In LA in 2014.


When she added a lot of furs, but still said no to pants. For the Jingle Ball in 2013.


That time she wore a sports bra as a shirt. In NYC in 2013.


When she forgot her pants — and how to properly wear a bra. On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon in 2013.


When she was covered up on the bottom, but not at all up top. In Miami in 2014.


That time she opted to go shirtless, braless, and pantless. To the Billboard Music Awards in 2012.


The One Time She Was Completely Covered. To announce that she's hosting the VMA's!

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