My 19 ‘Lockdown’ Versions Of Cliché Instagram Travel Photos

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The cliché photo of your feet near a pool or on the beach? Constant check-ins and photo updates on Facebook when you’re out of town for vacation? The irksome picture of the pre-departure cocktail at the airport? The urge to enjoy your time with a beautuful the surrounding scenery! All f it sounds like a distant dream due to our current pandemic situation and lockdown, right? Well, not so much in the eyes of Sharon Waugh. 

She run travel humor blog The Sharonicles. In a recent tongue-in-cheek blog post, she suggested that practicing travel poses is one way for travel-obsessed people to cope with lockdown and the current travel restrictions. Aharon believed she have to cope with lockdown in the same way as just about every other travel-obsessed extrovert. However, after consuming loads of carbs she started sharing her own attempts to recreate the lockdown version clichéd travel Instagram pictures on insta account. In this post, we have listed some of the best results from her collection. Scroll on and enjoy peeps! Don’t forget to share with other travellers on your list who are desperately waiting to get on board by the end of this lockdown. 

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